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    Let our gateway’s software to the searching for you. Utilize over 4 billion consumer and business records with a single inquiry to instantly verify transactions. Accept payments in seconds Verify bank account status in real-time Stop fraudulent and incorrect disbursements
    Go enjoy the sun and allow our gateway to automate your transactions. Applications having a subscription component, or recurring transactions, are common for merchants using ACH processing. The API can automate the origination of these recurring transactions, so you don’t have to do manual transactions and can just set it and forget it.
    Seamlessly incorporate our payment gateway into your CRM, website or application using our user friendly API. There is no need to have your clients be redirected to an outside page when you can do it all on site. What did you say? You don’t have a tech team. Well we may be able to assist with the integration.
    AMG Gateway complies with the latest security standards of our industry. Our security policies, technologies and processes are enhanced on a continuous basis to ensure all sensitive data is secure against any and all emerging threats. .
    Whether you are AMG’s merchant or white labeling our gateway to processing payments for your merchants our gateway will handle all your accounting needs with ease. Keep up with: daily, monthly and yearly transactions, settlements, returns, reserves of any type, and daily, monthly and yearly ledgers.
  • white label
    White Label AMG’s Payment Gateway to enable fast and efficient echeck processing for those looking to join the industry or enhance your current eCheck business. The platform, includes merchant API, documentation and merchant login sites, and more all of which can be fully rebranded to meet your brand’s needs.